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Choice and Choice Opportunity Worksheet

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Here's a worksheet you can use with your supporter about the choices you make!

Different Kinds of Choices

Everyday Choices - Choices about what to wear, what and when to eat, when to go to bed, etc.

Activity Choices - Choices about when to go out, what activities to do, when to do them, who to do them with, etc.

Money Choices - Choices about how to spend P&I funds or money earned like budgeting for a big ticket item such as a TV or vacation.

Big Choices – Choices about what job or program to attend, where to live, who to live with, etc.

Choice Areas


Makes Own Choices  Makes Choices with Support  Choices Made by Others  New Choice Opportunities  What Kind of Support Is Needed to Get Started  When Will We Start 

Everyday Choices



Activity Choices



Money Choices



Big Choices