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Service Provider Resource: Healthy, Happy Feet Leadership Strategies

As an administrator or manager of Direct Support Professionals, here are some examples of management strategies that can support proactive foot care. Here are some tips:

Discuss Common Foot Problems

  1. Discuss common foot problems and how to determine if a doctor’s care is needed.
  2. Discuss the prevalence of foot bacteria, fungus and viruses, and methods of prevention.
  3. Are these common problems among the individuals you support?

Assess the Foot Care Needs of the Individuals You Support

  1. Review the health profiles of individuals to flag and summarize any outstanding foot care problems.
  2. Ask staff for additional information about foot care issues that they have noted.
  3. Develop a foot care profile on each individual as needed.
  4. Where appropriate, add foot care to health care log systems.

Demonstrate Foot Care Practices to Staff

  1. With their consent, use staff or individuals you support to demonstrate proper foot care practices. (see training guide)

Some Examples of Proactive Foot Care Leadership Strategies

  1. Treat staff as professional equals.  Accept staff ideas about how to prevent foot problems among the individuals that they serve.
  2. Avoid a top-down approach to training. The top-down approach fails to take advantage of the fact that staff know the people they serve and can offer insight.      
  3. Do not rely on exclusively on training or re-training.  Relying on training alone assumes that staff are not well-enough trained.   If problems exist, it may be an organizational problem.
  4. Solicit feedback on your training methods. 



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