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Self-Advocate Resource: Tip Sheet - Choose Comfortable Shoes

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Choose Comfortable Shoes

Always wear comfortable shoes. Wearing shoes that fit is a must for a happy you – and happy feet.
✔ ALWAYS go for comfort.
  • Do not get shoes that are too tight. Make sure there is plenty of room for toes to move.
  • Pointy shoes that squeeze toes will cause calluses and pain.
  • Do not get high heels as they are not safe. High heels can make you fall. They can cause serious foot problems.
  • Choose comfort over the latest style!
✔  Shop smart for shoes.
  • Have feet measured before you try on shoes.
  • Wear the socks you will wear with the shoes.
  • Shop at the end of the day for a better fit. Feet swell as the day goes on.
  • If shoes hurt when you first try them on, don’t buy them!
✔ Buy shoes that are made of comfortable, supportive materials.
  • Soft leather is a good material.
  • Breathable tennis (athletic) shoes are good too.
  • Thick-soled shoes can help cushion feet when walking on a hard surface.
  • Do not buy plastic shoes. They may cause blisters and other problems.
✔  Protect your feet.
  • Do not wear flip flops on a regular basis. They do not provide protection or support and can cause injury.
  • Flip flops or sandals make you curl your toes to keep them on. Over time, this can cause serious foot pain.
  • Don’t go barefoot, especially if you have diabetes.


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