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Self-Advocate Resource: Tip Sheet - Healthy, Happy Feet

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Five Things To Do Everyday to Have Happy Feet

A foot without pain is a happy, healthy foot. Foot pain can keep you from doing things that you like to do. Foot pain can also mean that you are sick or have an injury. Do not ignore foot pain. It is not normal. Learn and practice these five steps – everyday – for happy feet.

1. Keep feet clean. Everyday, wash feet in warm soapy water. Wash the underside of the feet and between the toes. Use a mild bar soap with a moisturizer like aloe vera, vitamin E or sweet almond so as not to dry skin.

2. Gently dry – don’t rub – feet. Dry between the toes. Moisture, especially between the toes, may cause an infection or help fungus, like Athlete’s foot, to grow.

3. Keep the skin on feet soft to prevent calluses and cracks. After washing and drying feet, apply a moisturizing skin cream. Rub gently into skin. Do not put cream between toes. Do not use perfumed lotions on feet as they can irritate skin.

4. Change socks every day. The best socks are soft and cushioned. Cotton or wool socks breathe and help to keep feet dry. Polyester or nylon socks are not as good. Dirty socks can cause foot odor and other problems.

5. Check toenails. Make sure they are properly trimmed – straight across and not too short. Use a nail clipper, not scissors. Do not use a sharp pointed file or anything that might break the skin to clean around the nail. If toenails need extra cleaning, a soft brush works well.



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