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Tip Sheet: Feeling Good About Yourself

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You can do things to stop feeling bad about yourself. Stop bad self-talk. “Self-talk” is what you say to yourself that no one else hears. If you say things like “I can’t do it!” or “I’m no good!” STOP IT! Here are some things you can do to feel good: 

Stop bad self-talk! When you say something bad to yourself, say “STOP!” very loudly inside your head. Keep saying “Stop!” until you really stop saying something bad. Now, say something good about yourself. Say it ten times!  

Try good self-talk! Say good things to yourself each day, like: I feel good about myself; I look good; I am smart; I am loved. These sayings help block bad self-talk. If you say them every day, you’ll begin to feel better about yourself. The better you feel about yourself, the happier you are. 

How does feeling good help you? People who feel good about themselves:  

  • Make friends more easily
  • Are not afraid to try new things
  • Are better workers
  • Are usually healthier than people who feel bad about themselves 

You can do things everyday to feel good about yourself. Wear clothes that make you feel good. Do something you enjoy. Spend time with friends you really like. 

It’s easy to do things that make you feel good. Do something nice for someone else. Get outside. Fly a kite at the park. Plant a garden. Play your favorite music. 

To feel good, take good care of yourself. Get plenty of sleep. Eat healthy foods. Get a check-up from your doctor and dentist at least once a year. Brush and floss your teeth. Set a time every day to exercise. Walk or run, ride a bicycle, dance to music. Remember to check with your doctor before you start any new physical activity. 

Self-Talk Diary

Keep a Self-Talk Diary for a few days. Use this activity to become more aware of both “good” and “bad” self-talk. Keep this sheet of paper and a pen or pencil where you can find it quickly. When you hear self-talk in your head, write down what you said to yourself and how you felt. Once you have a few days of your diary, sit down and look at it. Write down something positive you could say to yourself instead of negative statements. Try making more of the positive statements you recorded.

 What did you say to yourself? 

 How did you feel?   If this was negative, what is a positive thing you could say? 


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