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June 2014 NewsFlash: Staying Safe in the Summer Sun!

Tue, 06/10/2014

Staying Safe in the
Summer Sun!


The summer is perfect for enjoying the great outdoors. When it's too hot, too much sun can be bad for you. Learn how to enjoy the sun safely by following these tips from the DDS SafetyNet!


Guy with life vest and umbrella

Stay Cool & Prevent Heat Sickness

It's important to stay cool when it's hot. Too much heat can make you feel sick. Know the signs of heat sickness and how to prevent it by following these tips.




Sunburnt back

Avoid Getting Burnt

Getting too much sun can burn your skin and your eyes. Some medicines can even increase your risk for sunburn. Read more about how to protect yourself from sunburn here.



Man with water glass

Water Yourself!

When it's hot, your body loses water faster. Drink lots of fluids so you don't get dehydrated. Learn more about the signs of dehydration here.



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