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June 2017: Better Safe Than Sorry!

Fri, 06/02/2017

Better Safe Than Sorry! 

June is National Safety Month. You can prevent unsafe situations from happening. Learn how to be safe during the summer. 

Click here to view picture.   Be Safe in the Sun
   The sun can be harmful to your skin and eyes. Learn
   more about how to keep yourself safe from the sun. 




Click here to view picture.   Stay Cool in the Summer 
   You can get sick if you get too hot. Here are some
   tips on how to stay safe in the heat.




Woman working with supporter  Prevent Accidents in the Water
   Water can be dangerous. Learn more about 
   staying safe in the water. 





Woman working with supporter  Be Aware in the Community
   Stay alert when you're out this summer. Watch this 
   video on how to stay safe from strangers. 




Woman working with supporter  Stay Safe All Year Long

   Be prepared for any type of situation. Visit the
   DDS SafetyNet website or Youtube channel for more
   articles and videos on safety.  





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