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May 2013 NewsFlash: Making Healthy Choices

Wed, 05/01/2013

Making Healthy Choices


As we head into May, don't lose sight of your goals to lose weight or get in shape!  May is National Recommitment Month!  So recommit to those goals made in January.  Visit DDS SafetyNet's Eating Healthy and Staying Active pages to help keep you and those you support healthy, happy and safe.

Listed below are some tips and articles for you to check out on the DDS SafetyNet website!

You can help the people you support to exercise by:man throwing frisbee
  • Encouraging them to add physical activity to their everyday life
  • Finding activities that they like to do
  • Helping them to stick with their exercises

Check out this article, which provides tips on getting active.

Salad with chicken

How can you help the people you support make healthy lifestyle choices?


Each of us makes choices every day that affect our health.  As a supporter (direct support professional, family member, or other caregiver), you can educate the individuals you support about healthy choices they can make. You can also encourage and assist individuals as they learn how to make healthy choices.

Follow these tips on eating right, eating the right amount of food, and encouraging physical activity.

If You Eat Fast Food, Make Good Choices!  


What is the best way to manage your weight?  

Here are some great tips on how you can manage your weight and eat and drink healthy!

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