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Supporter Resource: Assault Prevention Knowledge Check

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1.   Name five things you can do that will help if someone tries to hurt you:











2.   Outline your assault prevention plan:


If someone tries to hurt me,

  • I will _________________________________________.

If I want to avoid people who might try to hurt me,

  • I will _________________________________________.

If I need to leave the room/area,

  • I should ______________________________________.

If I can’t leave the room/area,

  • I should ______________________________________.

If I need help,

  • I will call______________________________________.




Potential Answers to Question #1

- Make eye contact.

- Breathe and calm yourself.

- Focus on what to do to get to safety.

- Get help by:

  • Calling 911 and reporting to the police.
  • Talking to your landlord.
  • Getting help from an abuse prevention center.

- Surprise your attacker by:

  • Making noise.
  • Saying “No.”
  • Walking or running away.

- Give 100% effort.

- Wait for a chance to get to safety.

- Defend yourself by physically fighting back.






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