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Self-Advocate Resource - 6 Steps to Keep You From Falling

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Be careful! Don’t fall! Most falls are preventable. Take these simple steps to stay safe and keep from falling:

1. Find a Good Exercise Program.

Do exercises that will help you to improve balance and strength. Gardening, walking, swimming, and Tai Chi are all good for you. Find an activity that you like and do it!

2. Talk to Your Doctor About Your Risks of Falling.

Share your concerns. Ask what exercises are best for you. Ask about taking Calcium and Vitamin D to keep bones strong. Ask what else you can do to stay safe.

3. Talk to Your Doctor About Medications You Take.

Ask about side effects that may increase your risk of falling. Make sure to ask about over-the-counter medications too.

4. Get Your Vision Checked Once a Year.

Get new eyeglasses when you need them. Get your hearing checked if you are having a hard time hearing.

5. Make Your Home Safe.

Take a look around your home. Remove clutter and things you can trip over or slip on. Make sure you have good lighting in rooms and hallways. Make stairs safe with handrails. Install grab bars in bathroom. Wear safe and comfortable shoes.

6. Talk to Supporters and Family Members.

Watch the companion video You Can Keep from Falling together. Make your own fall prevention plan. Talk to others about how they can help you stay safe.
Last updated on Mon, 11/21/2016 - 16:14