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Food Safety

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If food is not handled or cooked in the right way, germs can grow and make you sick. 

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Choking and What You Can Do to be Safe

Thu, 12/01/2005
Thu, 12/01/2005
Breathe Easy with this Vital Information

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What is Choking?

When you breathe…

  • air goes through your nose or mouth,
  • and then down a tube called the trachea (sometimes called the “wind pipe”),
  • and then into your lungs.

What is Choking?

If food, or something else, gets into your wind pipe and gets stuck there, then the air you need cannot get to your lungs.

When that happens, you are choking.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Individuals Who Have Difficulty Eating

September 9, 2002
September 9, 2002
Prevention as a Priority

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As a Service Provider, you may encounter many individuals who have specialized eating needs. When such a person comes to your home or day program or other specialized service there are probably many questions you want to ask. Here are some frequently asked questions with answers. Be sure to contact the professionals and get detailed individual answers for each individual.

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