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April 2018: Prevent Disease with Healthy Habits

Tue, 04/03/2018

Prevent Disease with Healthy Habits

April 2-6 is National Public Health Week. Healthy habits stop germs and diseases from spreading. Learn more about practicing and teaching healthy habits.


  Supporters: Learn about Vaccinations
   Make sure that the people you support are up-to-date
   on their vaccinations. Learn the facts about vaccinations





  Self-Advocates: Wash Your Hands Often
   Washing your hands can help you stay germ-free. Learn
   about when and how to wash your hands here.





  Supporters: Handle Food Safely
   Food-related illness can be avoided. Learn how to
   safely prepare and handle food by following these




  Self-Advocates: Get Tips on Staying Healthy
   Flu season is almost over, but you can still get sick. Watch
video on how to avoid getting the flu or a cold. 




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