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August 2013 NewsFlash: Immunization Awareness

Thu, 08/01/2013

Immunization Awareness

August is Immunization Awareness month! Immunizations improve the safety and health of people of all ages, not just infants and young children. Immunizations are also called "shots" or "vaccines." Immunizations help your body build stronger defenses to fight off diseases like the flu, pneumonia, and measles. It's important to know what immunizations you need and when to get them. Learn more about immunizations by following the links below. 101

Brush up on your immunization basics and check out these articles for consumers and supporters that help explain what immunizations are and what to expect when you get one.      You Need

Find out what immunizations you and the people you support need by taking this quiz. You can also use these handy immunization guides for childrenteens, and adults. Your Shots

It's good to schedule routine checkups for the shots you need. Take a look at this recommended adult immunization schedule and use a vaccine tracker to record what shots you have received. 



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