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December 2014: Manage Your Money

Wed, 12/10/2014
Be Smart: Manage Your Money
Having your own money means you can choose how to spend it. Sometimes, we spend more than we mean to. Learn how to make smarter spending choices. Below are a few easy tips for managing your money. Share them with your supporter, or someone you support! 

Click here to view picture. Make a Budget

A budget helps you plan how your money is spent. Check out these budgets for:
If you live on your own
If you live in a licensed home
Woman shopping. Click here to view the picture.
Consider: Needs vs. Want
Is that something you need? Or, is it something you want? Plan your budget with these questions in mind. Read more about needs vs. wants here.
Think, Plan, Do
Betty really wanted to buy a new waffle maker. She followed steps "Think, Plan, Do" to save up money. Learn more about Betty's plan by watching the video below!
Click here to watch Betty's story!

Tip for the Holidays: Save money and give homemade gifts! Click here for some homemade gift ideas.
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