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The Safe Choice

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Making a choice means that you pick the things you like best. You decide for yourself what your life will be like. You have a right to make choices.

Choice and Risk

A risk is the chance something bad might happen. Some choices have lots of risk. If you choose to cross the street without looking, a car might hit you. If you choose to smoke, you might get sick. Learn more about choice and risk.

Safe Way/Risky Way

There is a safe way and a risky way to do everything. If you choose the risky way, you might get hurt. Someone else might get hurt, too! The best choice is the safe way.

The Safe Choice

There are things you can do to make a safe choice. Safe choices have less risk. Less risk means less chance that something bad might happen. The easiest way to make a safe choice is: Think, Plan, Do.

Think, Plan, Do Example: Making a Safe Choice

Saturday is a nice day. You do not have to work. You choose to ride your bike to the park. How can you make your choice safe?


Think about the best and worst things that can happen. Some of the best things include having fun at the park and getting some exercise. Some of the worst things include falling off the bike, getting lost, or getting your bike stolen. 


Plan how you can ride your bike in a safe way. This can include wearing a helmet, telling someone where you’re going, using a bike lock, and riding on a bike path or close to the side of the road.


Make a safe choice. If you feel safe, ride your bike to the park! If you do not feel safe, plan other ways to be safe, walk to the park, or choose to do something else for fun.

If You’re Not Sure, Ask Someone!

Tell a friend, family member or support person what you want to do. Ask them if there are risks. Ask how you can be safe. Then decide for yourself.

More About Choices and Risk

  • Making My Own Choices helps people choose things that are important to them in their lives.
  • Community Conversations with People with Developmental Disabilities is about the choices people want to make in their own lives.
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