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Spring 2016 Newsletter: Stay Safe When Out and About!

Download and print the Spring 2016 Stay Safe When Out and About newsletter here!

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Stay Safe When Out and About




STAY SAFE When Out and About!

As a supporter, your role is to encourage the people you support to become a more active part of the community. It is important that you provide the tools they need to stay safe when they are out and about. Sharing these safety tips with the people you support will help keep them safe. Each topic is also a tip sheet which can be found at Also check out the Be Aware, Stay Safe! video:


10 Basic Safety Tips

Always follow these safety tips when you are out in the community.

  1. ALWAYS take your keys, cell phone and ID card with you! Make sure your cell phone is charged.

  2. Be aware of where you are. Know your neighborhood.

  3. Stay in well-lighted areas and where there are other people.

  4. Avoid dark alleys and vacant lots.

  5. Keep your music low so you can hear sounds around you.

  6. If a stranger makes you feel scared, go get help.

  7. Know how to get help – who to call and where to go.

  8. Go out with a friend when you can. Do not go out alone at night.

  9. Have a plan. Know where you are going. Know how to get there and back.

  10. Act confident. Hold your head up high. Keep your shoulders back.


Stay Safe from Strangers

If a stranger comes near you and you feel uncomfortable -Say “NO” or “GO AWAY” in a loud voice and mean it! Quickly walk away. If neither of these works, MAKE A SCENE! Yell and scream for HELP! If you still don’t feel safe, call 911 and ask for help! For more stranger safety tips, visit:


7 Tips for Taking the Bus, Subway, or Train

Stay safe when you need to get some place on the bus, subway, or train.

  1. Use well-lighted, busy stops. 

  2. If you must get off at a new stop, try to have a friend meet you.

  3. Stay alert. Do not miss your stop.

  4. Sit near other passengers or close to the driver.

  5. If someone is bugging you, firmly say ”Leave me alone” or tell the driver. Ask for help!

  6.  If you feel uneasy getting off the bus, ask someone for help.

  7. Know your stop. If you need help finding your stop, ask the driver.


9 Tips for Safe Walking 

Follow these tips to stay safe when you are walking outside.


  2. Look left, right, and left before crossing a street.

  3. Watch for traffic. A driver may not see you. 

  4. Wait for the green light before you walk. DO NOT cross on the red or yellow light. 

  5. When the traffic light shows a picture of a person walking, it is OK to walk. 

  6. If you think you are being followed, walk to where there are lots of people like a shop or a station and ask for help.

  7. Walk on the sidewalk. If there is no sidewalk, walk on the side of the road facing traffic.

  8. Cross streets at crosswalks. If you are inside a crosswalk, cars should stop for you.

  9. Always wear bright clothing. Use a flashlight at night. NEVER walk alone at night.


8 Safety Tips for Riding Your Bike

Remember these tips when riding your bike to stay safe.


  2. Ride with traffic. NEVER ride against traffic. Ride as near to the right as possible.

  3. Ride in a straight line and single file. Stop at all stop signs and red lights.

  4. Use hand signals when you are turning right, left or stopping.

  5. Keep your bike in good repair. 

  6. Watch for cars. A driver may not see you. Make eye contact.

  7. Make sure your bike has bells, mirrors, good brakes, a headlight and tail light for night time.

  8. When you park your bike, lock the frame and rear wheel to a solid object. 


6 Safety Tips for Getting Money from an ATM

Sometimes you may need to get some money from an ATM. Follow these safety tips to stay safe:

  1. NEVER give your card and pin number to anyone, even a good friend.

  2. Make sure no one is so close they can see your pin.

  3. Use an ATM you know. It is best to use an one inside a bank.

  4. Be aware. If you see anything that bothers you, go to another ATM. 

  5. If you use an ATM at night, make sure it is well-lit. 

  6. Hide your cash. When you get your money, put it out of sight. 


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