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Making New Friends

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Making New Friends

Step 1:  Think about what you like to do.
  • Make a list of things you like to do. To get ideas use the worksheet What Do I Like to Do? 
  • Ask people who know you well to help you. Get lots of ideas.
  • Identify at least one or two interests or favorite activities.
Step 2:  Find out where and when people are doing the things you like to do. 
  • If you like to garden, does the local nursery have a class? Is there a neighbor with a garden? Is there someone who can help you plan a garden?
  • If you like to walk, do you know people who like to walk? Is there a walking club?
  • Ask a supporter to help you look for events that match your interests. Choose activities to get involved in.
Step 3:  Find out about other places to meet people. Check out local civic groups, community colleges, adult schools or libraries. Are there:
  • People First meetings in your community?
  • Dances and other activities at local recreation centers?
  • Volunteer opportunities at parks, theaters, or museums?
Step 4:  Just go do it!
  • What will you try first? A club? A new place you haven’t been? A sports event?
  • Do you need support - like a ride or help filling out a form? Ask!
  • Do you want someone to go with you? Ask!
  • Now… just go do it!
Step 5:  What if I meet someone I’d like to have as a friend?
  • Smile! Don’t look bored. Say your name. Ask for their name. Try to remember it.
  • The weather is always a good place to start a conversation. “It is a beautiful day!”
  • Follow-up with a question. “Do you like warm weather?”
  • Talk about something you enjoy.  Ask questions. Be a good listener.


If you both like the same thing, ask more about it. Perhaps ask the person out for lunch or coffee.

That will give you a chance to talk and get to know each other a little bit better.


Last updated on Wed, 05/04/2016 - 20:05