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Keep Your Home Clean Checklist

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Do a Little Every DAY...


☐ Do dishes

☐ Wipe counter and sink

☐ Wipe stove top

☐ Take out garbage


☐ Wipe counter and sink

☐ Give the toilet bowl a quick scrub


☐ Make bed

☐ Pick up clothes

Each Room

☐ Pick up clutter

☐ Wipe up dirt or spills on floor

And Every WEEK…

☐ Remove dust in all rooms

☐ Vacuum carpets and wipe floors

☐ Clean bathroom mirrors, sink, toilet, shower, tub

☐ Clear refrigerator of old or spoiled food

Congratulations! You are Done! Now Enjoy Your Clean Home!


Last updated on Mon, 06/27/2016 - 16:02