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Saving for Things You Need or Want

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Do You Need It or Do You Want It?

  • Everyone needs:
    • Food
    • A place to live
    • Clothes
  • People want things like:
    • A music CD
    • Dinner at a restaurant
    • A vacation

You Might Have to Save Money

  • You may not have enough money:
    • To buy everything you need
    • To buy everything you want
  • You might have to wait.
  • You might have to save your money.

“Think, Plan, and Do” to Save

  • Use 3 steps to save for something you want:
  1. Think about what you need or want
  2. Plan how you will save your money
  3. Do save your money in a safe place
  • Then buy it when you save enough

1. The First Step is to Think

  • Do you need it?
  • Do you really want it?
  • If you need it or really want it, ask yourself:
    • Do you need it now?
    • Can it wait for later?
    • How much does it cost?
    • How much money do you have now?
    • How much will you need to save?

2. The Second Step is to Plan

  • How can you save money?
  • Here are some ways to save:
    • Stop buying sodas every day
    • Only go out to eat once a month
    • Work more hours
    • Save a dollar a day
  • Put the money away:
    • In your bank
    • In a locked box
  • Do not spend it. 

3. The Third Step is to Do

  • Do - Stick to your plan.
  • Do - Save your money.
  • Do - Buy it when you have enough money.
  • Do - Enjoy it, you worked for it!
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