The Safety Net

Introduction to Risk Management


There are risks in everyone's daily life. Risk management processes help us recognize the risks for each individual to learn some ways to lower these risks and to make life a little bit safer.

We all experience risk every day. Everyday activities like traveling in cars present some risks. Accidents do happen but we can improve our safety by using defensive driving principles and wearing seatbelts, for instance. This is an example of recognizing a risk and taking action before you are in a dangerous situation. It might not avoid an accident if another driver causes one, but it might save your life!

The key to all of this is to know ahead of time, what is a risk for you or for a member of your family.

We can not stress “Prevention”enough! Preventive actions are definitely the most important focus of Risk Management. The place to spend the most time planning for prevention is in your IPP Meeting. Once a year, with your team, consider what is a risk for you or your family member and consider whether there is a plan in place to "mitigate" the risk or make it less likely to happen. Plans can be changed whenever a new risk becomes known.

If you are more conscious or aware of planning to live a bit safer after using this web site, then we will have accomplished our mission. Read more each month about risks and prevention!



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