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February 2015: Don't Get Measles--Get Vaccinated

Thu, 03/19/2015

Don't Get Measles --
Get Vaccinated


California is having a measles outbreak. You can protect yourself and others from measles by getting vaccinated. 

What Is Measles?Click here to view picture.

Measles is a disease that you can catch from other people. It can cause cold-like symptoms, fever, and a skin rash. It can make you really sick. Measles: What You Need to Know









Checklist. Click here to view the picture. How Do You Prevent Measles?
There is a shot, also called a vaccine, that keeps you from getting measles. Children and adults should have a Measles Vaccine.





Woman working with supporterWhat Happens When You Get a Shot?  
Getting a measles shot is quick and easy. Learn what to expect by reading Shots Can Keep You Healthy.



For more useful tips on vaccinations, visit the DDS SafetyNet!


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