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How Is a Seasonal Allergy Different from a Cold or the Flu?

Sneezing woman

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Seasonal allergies can make you sneeze and cough, have a stuffy or runny nose, and swollen sinuses.
But a cold or the flu can make you feel the same way.
This list of symptoms can help you decide if you have seasonal allergies or a cold or the flu. To find out for sure, see your doctor.

Cold and Flu Symptoms Seasonal Allergy Symptoms
Fever No fever
Sore throat No sore throat
Aches No aches
No itchy eyes, nose, or throat Itchy eyes, nose, or throat
Runny nose with yellow mucus Runny nose with clear mucus
Symptoms may start slowly Symptoms usually start quickly (after breathing in pollen)
Symptoms usually go away in a few days Symptoms cam last a long time

*Remember to always tell someone if you are feeling sick. Only a health care professional can tell you why you are feeling sick and help you get better.

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