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Fever Quick Check: When to Call a Doctor

man taking his temperature

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Call a doctor if:

  • a child’s temperature goes above 102 degrees.
  • an adult’s temperature goes over 101 degrees.
  • the fever lasts more than 24 hours without an obvious reason.
  • the fever lasts for more than 72 hours even when there is an obvious reason.
  • there is any fever in an infant under three months old.
  • the person has a serious disease.
  • the person refuses to eat or drink.
  • the fever continues more than 48 hours after treatment is started or if the fever returns.
  • the person does not start to feel better after two days of treatment
  • the symptoms get worse.

Are you worried about an individual’s health? It is always okay to call their health care provider for advice and recommendations. It is important to catch symptoms early so that:

  • the individual gets the right treatment, and
  • a minor illness does not become more serious.
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