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Is it a Cold or the Flu?

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Symptom A Cold The Flu
When did I start feeling bad? It took a few days to feel bad. I felt bad right away (in 3-6 hours).
Am I coughing? I have a hacking cough with mucus. I have a dry cough with no mucus (nothing comes up).
Am I sneezing? Probably. Not usually.
Do I have a stuffy nose? Probably. It will usually last about a week. Not usually.
Do I have a sore throat? My throat probably hurts or is swollen. Not usually.
Am I tired? I may be a little tired. I'm very tired - much more than usual after work or activities.
Do I have a headache? Not usually. Probably.
Do I have a fever? Probably not. If I do, it's a low fever (less than 100° F). Probably. My temperature may be 100° F or higher for 3 or 4 days.
Do I have aches and pains? I may have slight body aches and pains. I have severe body aches and pains.
Do I have chills? Probably not. I probably have chills and shivering, even when it is warm.
Do I have pain in my chest? I may have mild chest pain. I may have severe chest pain.
Are my eyes watery? Probably. Probably not.
Have I lost my appetite? Probably not. I'm still hungry. Probably. I don't feel hungry.

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