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Diabetes and Eating Right

Fruit at the grocery store

The tools on this page will help individuals manage their diabetes  by following a healthy diet.  

Supporter Tool: My Plate - Healthy Eating: This tool explains the five food groups of a healthy diet. It  explains how much of each food group a person should eat each day. This tool can be used by both individuals and their support persons to help individuals control their weight, look good, and feel better!

Consumer Tool: My Plate - Menu Planner and Shopping List: This tool will help individuals plan their meals for each day of the week. After planning meals for the week, it can use this tool as a grocery shopping list. 

Consumer Tool: My Plate - What Did I Eat for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner?: This tool can help an individual keep track of what they are eating. It will also help keep track of the types of food the individual eats. Finally, the tool will help the individual make goals for following a healthy diet. 

Consumer Tool: Narrated Slide Show - My Plate - Healthy Eating:  This video describes what a person can can eat to be healthy. It talks about the five food groups and explains how to make goals for eating right. 

Supporter Tool: Training Guide for My Plate - Healthy Eating: This training guide is intended for use by support persons.  The guide explains how to use the materials on this page to teach other support persons and individuals about eating right to help prevent and manage diabetes.