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Diabetes and Getting Active

Individuals playing basketball

The article and tools on this page will help individuals lead an active life. The materials include information on the benefits of exercise as well as resources for creating goals for a more active lifestyle. 

Supporter Article: Healthy Living - Get Active: This article explains the benefits of physical activity, how an individual can start an exercise routine and tips for healthful exercise. 

Consumer Tool: My Plan for Healthy Living - Get Active!: Supporters can help individuals use this tool to make and track exercise goals for each day of the week. 

Consumer Tool: Narrated Slide Show - Healthy Living - Get Active: This video explains why being active is good for everyone. It suggests ways a person can lead an active life!

Supporter Tool: Training Guide for Healthy Living - Get Active: This training guide is intended for use by support persons.  The guide explains how the materials on this page can be used to teach other support persons and individuals about leading an active life.

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