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Alcohol Dependence Checklist

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Print the full checklist here!

                                          Alcohol Dependence Checklist:

Question Yes? No?
1. Has a friend or relative ever told you that you drink too much alcohol?    
2. Is it hard for you to stop drinking alcohol after you have had one or two drinks?    
3. Have you ever been unable to remember what you did while you were drinking alcohol?    
4. Do you ever feel bad about how much alcohol you drink?    
5. Do you ever get into arguments or physical fights when you have been drinking alcohol?    
6. Have you ever been arrested or hospitalized because of your drinking?    
7. Have you ever thought about getting help to control or stop your drinking?    
8. Have you ever felt like you needed a drink of alcohol first thing in the morning?    
9. Do you ever drink alcohol in secret or drink alone?    

*If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you should talk to a support provider or to your doctor or nurse about whether or not you may have a dependence on alcohol.


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