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Feeling Good About Yourself

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When you look in the mirror:

  • Who do you see on the outside?
    • Do you like how you look?
    • Do you think you’re too large or too small?
  • Who do you see on the inside?
    • Are you happy?
    • Do you think other people like you?
    • Are you proud of yourself?

Who you see is always with you.

  • When you look in the mirror do you see:
    • Someone you like, or
    • Someone you don’t like?
    • Do you feel good or bad about yourself?
  • The answer can help you… or it can hurt you.

How does feeling bad get in your way?

  • Feeling bad about yourself can keep you from:
    • Enjoying life
    • Trying new things
    • Having good friends
    • Being good at your job
  • Feeling bad about yourself for a long time can even make you ill.

When you feel bad about yourself, you might say:

  • I can’t do anything right
  • I’m afraid to ask a question
  • I’m not good at anything
  • I don’t believe it when people say good things about me

You can do things to stop feeling bad about yourself.

  • Stop bad self-talk.
    • “Self-talk” is what you say to yourself that no one else hears.
  • If you say things like “I can’t do it!” or “I’m no good!”
  • - STOP IT!

Stop bad self-talk!

  • When you say something bad to yourself, say “STOP!” very loudly inside your head.
  • Keep saying “Stop!” until you really stop saying something bad.
  • Now! Say something good about yourself. Say it ten times!

Try good self-talk!

  • Say good things to yourself each day, like:
    • I feel good about myself
    • I take good care of myself
    • I look good
    • I am smart
    • I am loved

Good talk makes you feel better.

  • These sayings help block bad self-talk.
  • If you say them every day, you’ll begin to feel better about yourself.
  • The better you feel about yourself, the happier you are.

When you feel good about yourself, you might say:

  • I can do it
  • I will keep trying until I get it right
  • I’m good at my job
  • I know the answer
  • My friends really like me

How does feeling good help you?

  • People who feel good about themselves:
    • Make good friends
    • Are not afraid to try new things
    • Ask questions when they don’t understand
    • Are good workers
    • Are usually more healthy than people who feel bad about themselves

You can do things everyday to feel good about yourself.

  • Wear clothes that make you feel good.
  • Do something you enjoy.
  • Spend time with friends you really like.
  • Say “hi” to people you pass on the street.

To feel good, take good care of yourself.

  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Eat healthy foods.
  • Get a check-up from your doctor and dentist at least once a year.
  • Brush and floss your teeth.

Exercise your body.

  • Exercise can help you feel and look better.
  • Set a time every day to exercise.
    • Walk or run.
    • Ride a bicycle.
    • Dance to music.
    • Climb up and down stairs.
  • But… check with your doctor before you start any new physical activity.

It’s easy to do things that make you feel good.

  • Do something nice for someone else.
    • Smile at someone who looks sad.
    • Send a card to a friend.
  • Get outside.
    • Fly a kite at the park.
    • Plant a garden.
  • Play your favorite music.

How do you feel about yourself? Feeling bad about yourself gets in your way and can make you ill.

  • Feeling good about yourself can keep you healthy.
  • So… feel good about yourself!
  • Use good self-talk…not bad self-talk.
  • Take good care of yourself.
  • Do nice things for others.
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