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What to Do If Someone Has a Seizure

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Do Do Not
Stay calm Do not hold the person down or restrict their movements
Help the person lie down and turn them to the side to ease breathing Do not put anything in the person’s mouth (people who have seizures will NOT swallow their own tongue)
Place a pillow, folded clothing or towel behind the head Do not try to force the person’s mouth open
Loosen clothes around the person’s neck Do not leave the person alone. Stay with the person until after they are fully aware again
Remove sharp, hard or dangerous objects from the area Do not give the person any water, food or medication until they are fully alert
Talk to the person in a calm voice, reassuring them (and yourself) during the seizure and as they recover. Reassure others nearby  
Time the seizure with your watch. If the seizure lasts more than five minutes, call 911  
Offer to assist the person in returning home – call a friend, family member or taxi if they seem confused or unable to return home alone  


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