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January 2014 NewsFlash: Checkups for Women

Mon, 01/27/2014
Checkups for Women
Find out about your health before there are problems. For a full list of health checkups for women, click here. Learn more about health check-ups for women below!

Woman doctorBreast Cancer Screenings

There are two types of breast cancer screenings:
1. A mammogram is an x-ray exam of your breasts. The exam looks for anything that seems different. Click here for more information. 
2. A clinical breast exam. A doctor looks at and feels your breasts for anything that seems different. Click here for more information. 


Woman waits for doctorCervical Health


A woman's cervix can get cancer. The cervix is inside a woman's body below her stomach. To see where the cervix is on a woman's body, click here. To stay healthy, ask your doctor for a pap smear test. Learn more about pap smears here




Two people by the ocean

Healthy Bones


As you get older, your bones can become weak and break more easily. Get a bone density test to check your bone health. For more information on low bone density, click here or here. 


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