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July 2013 NewsFlash: Summertime Eating

Wed, 07/03/2013

Summertime Eating

As the summer continues, you will want to spend time enjoying the warm weather by eating outdoors with family and friends. Because warm weather can cause food to spoil more quickly, it is especially important to understand how food-related illnesses can be avoided this time of year. Below are some informative links for you to make the most of your meals this summer. 

Sunshine Dining

July is a great time to barbecue and picnic outside. Enjoy your meals outdoors while keeping Outdoor Food Safety in mind.

Safe Food Preparation
Here are some great tips for when you cook at home: Home Cooking the Right Way. Learn how to safely handle food by following these guides: Food SafetyFood Safety Tip Sheet

Everyday Food Tips has organized useful information about food safety and how to prevent food poisoning. Browse their resources by clicking here! 


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