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March 2014 NewsFlash: Fire Safety at Home

Tue, 03/11/2014

Fire Safety at Home

House fires are a leading cause of deaths in the United States. They are often caused by cooking accidents and smoking at home. Fires can also happen when cords and plugs are broken or overloaded. Learn how to prevent fires in your home by following the tips below! 

Woman doctorTake Action

To avoid fires at home:
- Buy a smoke alarm.
- Replace old and broken cords with new cords.
- Unplug or turn off appliances when you are done using them. 
Read about home fire prevention and safety tips here! 


Woman waits for doctorSet Alarms

A smoke detector warns you about a fire in your house. Check to make sure your smoke detectors are working every six months. 




Fire extinguisherBe Prepared

Keep a fire extinguisher in an easy to reach place. Watch this video to learn how to use a fire extinguisher here. For more information on fire extinguishers, click here. 


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