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May 2014 NewsFlash: Feeling Good

Thu, 05/08/2014

Feeling Good


Feeling worried, stressed, or upset can make you not feel good about yourself. Not feeling good can make you think or act differently. Learn how to help yourself and others feel good by using the tools and tips below. 


Two happy friendsFeel Good About Yourself
Not feeling good about yourself can get in the way of enjoying life. Read and share these tips on how to feel better about yourself!





Hands joined in a circleBuild a Support Network
support network is a group of people you trust. Make a call list of people you can talk to when you do not feel good about yourself.




Two men making a planMake a Plan 
Sometimes we can act differently when we are upset or stressed out. Use this tool to make a support plan for when you do not feel good about yourself.




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