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Water Safety

life preservers

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Use these tips to make sure you and others stay safe when you’re near water.


                         Water Safety



Always swim with another person.


Never swim by yourself.

A responsible adult must supervise young children while playing or swimming. Adults should not be involved in any distracting activity while supervising.


Never leave children alone around water.

Swim in areas roped off for safety.


Never dive into water when you don’t know how deep it is.

Swim only where a lifeguard is on duty or an experienced swimmer is supervising.


Never swim after drinking alcohol.

Wear US Coastguard-approved lifejackets. Make sure they fit!


Don’t rely on air inflated water wings, water noodles or other toys as flotation devices.

Keep reaching and throwing aids (poles and life preservers) at poolside.


Don’t leave toys in the pool after swimming. Children may return to the pool while unsupervised to play with them.

Surround pools with a fence at least 5 feet high.


Don’t walk, skate, or drive on ice covering a body of water in the winter.

Keep containers around the house and yard empty of water.



Keep bathroom and laundry room latches out of the reach of children.



Keep the seat cover down on the toilet and use a toilet seat lock if small children are in the house.




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