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What do I like to do? - A Worksheet on Community Activities

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Print the worksheet here!

This worksheet will help you think of what you like to do for fun and give you ideas for activities in your community you might want to do. You will also find helpful resources to find activities in your community.

Ask Yourself:

You Can:

Do I like walking?

  • Join a walking club.
  • Go on weekly walks with your friends or family members.

Do I like gardening?

  • Join a community garden.
  • Find a neighbor to garden with.

Do I like sports?

  • Join a local sports program.
  • Join a YMCA or a gym.
  • Take an exercise class.
  • Watch local sports games.

Do I like to make things?

  • Take a drawing class.
  • Join a knitting circle.
  • Try scrapbooking.

Am I a performer?

  • Join a local singing group.
  • Audition for a part in a community play or musical.

Do I like to watch other people perform?

  • Join a group that attends local symphony performances.
  • Volunteer to help at a local theater, for example as an usher or stage help.

Do I want to learn more about my own culture or other cultures?

  • Visit a museum exhibit.
  • Go to a local cultural festival.
  • Try food from different cultures.