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Diabetes and Monitoring Blood Sugar Level

glucose level blood test

The articles and tools on this page will help individuals with diabetes manage their blood sugar levels. Managing blood sugar levels is important because almost everyone with diabetes experiences low blood sugar at some point.

Consumer Tool: Narrated Slide Show - What is Type 2 Diabetes? This video talks about type 2 diabetes. It provides ideas on how to live a healthy life with this disease. It explains what blood sugar is and the signs of low blood sugar and high blood sugar. Finally, it explains what to do if an individual has low or high blood sugar. 

Supporter Article: Diabetes – The Highs and Lows of Blood Sugar: This article is for use by support persons. The article provides detailed information on how diabetes and blood sugar levels are related, signs of low and high blood sugar, and what to do when and individual with diabetes experiences low or high blood sugar. 

Supporter Tool: Training Guide for Managing Type 2 Diabetes – Monitoring Blood Sugar: This training guide is intended for use by support persons and explains how to use the materials included on this page. The guide explains how the materials can be used to teach support persons and individuals how to monitor blood sugar levels. 

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