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Exercise Tips for People Who Use Wheelchairs

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It’s important to stay active and exercise.

  • Exercise keeps you healthy.
  • There are many activities you can do.

Talk to your doctor before starting new exercises.

Your doctor will check your general health, medications, and the way you move.

Talk to your doctor about:

  • Which exercises are best for you.
  • How to stay safe when exercising.
    • Start slowly and rest if you get tired.
  • Safe range of motion exercises.
    • Range of motion exercises help you stretch.

Try some of these exercises:

  • Arm Cycling -  bicycle with your arms instead of your legs.
  • Chair Aerobics - move and stretch your body to music.
  • Rowing - pretend to row a boat in your chair.  
  • Water Exercise -  enroll in a class for swimming or exercise.
  • Yoga - involves special breathing and stretching exercises.
  • Tai Chi - a series of stretching and strength building exercise.
  • Resistance Training
    • Get a resistance band.
    • Pulling the bands will exercise your muscles.
  • Lifting weights
    • Start with 1-2 pound weights. A can of food works.
    • Work up slowly to 5 pounds or more.

When you exercise:

  • Drink water frequently.
  • If you feel really tired or dizzy, STOP.
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