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*Special Edition* Stay Healthy this Winter

Wed, 01/14/2015

Stay Healthy this Winter


It's a new year, and a new you! Keep yourself healthy during winter flu season! Watch these videos to learn what you can do to stay healthy. 


Get a Flu Shot

Getting a flu shot can help protect you from the flu. Watch the video below to hear from self-advocates who got their flu shot. The video also includes more tips on how to stay healthy this winter!


Click here to watch a video about getting your flu shot!


Wash Your Hands

Wash away germs on your hands that can make you sick. Learn the best way to wash your hands by watching this video:


Click here to watch a video on washing your hands!

More on Staying Healthy
There are many tips on how to stay healthy this winter. Use this neat poster below to remind you of these tipsClick on the picture for a copy you can print. Don't forget to share it with your supporters and your friends!
Click here to see a cool poster with tips on how to stay healthy this winter!

For more tips on staying healthy, visit the DDS SafetyNet!


Credit for the drawings in the "Get Your Flu Shot" video and "Stay Healthy this Winter" poster go to Emily Shepard.
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