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Signs of Bullying

Print the fact sheet "Signs of Bullying" here!

What is bullying?

Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior towards a person that often happens again and again. Bullying includes teasing, name calling, written and verbal abuse, threats, physical assault and other hurtful behavior. Bullying is meant to threaten or intimidate the victim.

Dealing with bullying, or a bully, can be extremely difficult for people of any age. Bullies are found in schools, where people work and in the community. Bullying can make a person’s life miserable.

What are some signs that a person is being bullied?

Many victims of bullying are afraid to talk about what is happening to them.  Look for changes in behavior. If you see unexplained changes, talk to the person about what’s going on. Some things to look for that may point to bullying are:

o unexplained injuries

o lost or destroyed clothing books, electronics, or jewelry

o frequent headaches or stomach aches

o feeling sick or pretending to be sick

o changes in eating habits

o hard time sleeping or frequent nightmares

o losing interest in school or work

o not wanting to go to school or work

o losing friends

o self-destructive behavior such as running away or hurting themselves.

If you know someone who shows signs of being bullied, don’t ignore the signs.  Talk to the person.

Last updated on Wed, 02/11/2015 - 17:33