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April 2015: All About Allergies

Wed, 04/08/2015

All About Allergies


An allergy is when your body reacts badly to something. Learn about allergies and what you can do to stay healthy. 

Click here to view picture. Allergies:
Some people are allergic to foods, cats or dogs, or a medicine. Be aware of your allergies. Learn more about Allergic Reactions.




Checklist. Click here to view the picture. Seasonal Allergies:
Seasonal allergies are caused by flowering plants. People are most affected during the spring and summer. Learn more about Seasonal Allergies.




Woman working with supporterAsthma: 
Allergies can worsen asthma, a sickness that makes it difficult to breathe. Learn more about Asthma.



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For more useful tips on allergies, visit the DDS SafetyNet!
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