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February 2016: Healthy Teeth, Healthy Mouth!

Thu, 03/03/2016
Healthy Teeth, Healthy Mouth


Having healthy teeth and a healthy mouth is important for everyone - children and adults! Learn the three steps to have a healthy mouth!

Click here to view picture. 1. Brush Your Teeth Two Times A Day
Brushing your teeth and gums helps keep your mouth clean. Brush your teeth after breakfast and before bed every day. Learn more.




Checklist. Click here to view the picture. 2. Floss Your Teeth One Time A Day
Flossing helps clean between your teeth. Watch Ashley use dental floss to floss between her teeth.





Woman working with supporter3. See Your Dentist At Least One Time Per Year
Your dentist will check your gums and teeth. The dentist will have a helper to clean your teeth. Learn what to expect at the dentist's office here.



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For more tips on how to keep your mouth healthy, check out the DDS SafetyNet!
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