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October 2013 NewsFlash: Emergency Preparedness - Take Action!

Wed, 10/30/2013
Emergency Preparedness - Take Action!

Are you ready for an emergency? Are the people you support ready? It is not a matter of if a disaster is going to happen, but when a disaster is going to happen. This could be a fire, flood, earthquake, or other emergency. Feeling Safe, Being Safe training, created by the Consumer Advisory Committee, helps individuals be prepared in case of an emergency. The training shows individuals how to make a plan and an emergency kit.  To take the training, click here.

Make a Plan
Plan for the people you support with a Personal Disaster Plan. To make a plan, follow these tips for individuals and supporters. Use this tool to make sure the person has everything to cover all the person's needs in case of a disaster. an Emergency Supply Kit

An emergency kit should have food and water for three days or more for each person. Make sure to add medications individuals may need. Use this checklist to put the kit together. 
 Safe During Disasters

It is important to know how to act and what to do. Here are guides for individuals and supporters on how to stay safe.

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