The Safety Net

Effective Risk Management

The protection of rights and the protection from harm of individuals served are one of the highest priorities of all providers of services to consumers with developmental disabilities.

To best ensure these protections, it is important to provide good, clear guidance on Risk Management to Regional Center Staff and providers. An effective System of Risk Management accomplishes the following:

  • Trains all employees to recognize and prevent abuse, neglect and exploitation
  • Has a coherent and well-publicized reporting system
  • Is consistent with all state and federal regulations and statutes
  • Deals with all reports in a timely manner
  • Includes a component to regularly review incidents by a specialized group that includes staff at various levels of the organization
  • Results in proactive measures to prevent further incidents
  • Trends data so that administrative staff can connect-the-dots, detect patterns, and monitor for “red flag”incidents
  • Incorporates employee input in order to develop prevention plans or process revisions from the operations level




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