The Safety Net

Emergency Resources


Following is a list of resources available to assist consumers with developmental disabilities prepare for a disaster:

The American Red Cross has a web site location with a Disaster Preparedness manual available that is specifically written for persons with disabilities. This lengthy document may be copied and distributed according to information located in their text. It contains checklists, assessments and disaster supply lists along with other invaluable information.

Another very important location for information on emergency preparedness for persons with disabilities is the Federal Emergency Management web site, . The general information on planning and preparing for emergencies is provided by this United States government agency and is written in clear, easily understand language.

Disabled People and Disaster Planning, is a site established after the Northridge earthquake and designed for the unique needs of persons with disabilities. It contains information that may be used by communities in pre-planning activities as well as information for individuals.

Other internet sites that were reviewed often repeated the original information from the above named web sites. Check out the other locations on this web site for more information. All items may be printed, copied and distributed as long as they are used for educational or non-profit activities.


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