The Safety Net

Protecting Workers with Developmental Disabilities


This month we are linking to a very extensive study done by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). The researchers visited a total of eleven sheltered workshops that support people with developmental disabilities. The study found that sheltered workshop employees would benefit from increased management awareness and a more proactive approach to worker health and safety. Specific issues affecting workers with developmental disabilities were identified and recommendations for protecting workers and issues for further research are included.

Although the original research was conducted at sheltered workshops, the issues and recommendations are easily adapted to other types of day program services and supported employment that serve individuals with developmental disabilities.

Click on any or all of the ten issues and corresponding conclusions to learn more about this important research. Our thanks to NIOSH and the CDC for their continuing research and for use of this article.

A summary of conclusions and recommendations from this research can be found on this web site in the Service Provider section.



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