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National Trends and Research
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Fall 2004

Heart Disease and Stroke - A Statistical Review

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March 2002

Fostering A New Dialogue

Disaster Mitigation For Persons With Disabilities: Fostering A New Dialogue

April 2002 Victimization of Individuals With Disabilities
May 2002 Literature Review: Incident Management
June 2002 Mortality Review For Persons With Developmental Disabilities
July 2002 Falls and Hip Fractures Among Older Adults
August 2002 Assessment of Maltreatment of Children With Disabilities
September 2002 Management of Severe Dysphagia: A Case Study
October 2002 Fire Prevention
December 2002 Common Medical Etiologies for Behavior Changes
January 2003 Developmental Disabilities/Substance Abuse: A Blueprint for Community Solutions
February 2003 Poisoning Young Minds
March 2003 Movement Disorders
April 2003 Aging With Developmental Disabilities: Women's Health Issues
May 2003 Sun Protection and Dehydration
June 2003 Seizures & Epilepsy: Hope Through Research
July 2003 Achieving A Beneficial Fitness for Persons with Developmental Disabilities
August 2003 Protecting Workers with Developmental Disabilities
September 2003 Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in Persons with Developmental Disabilities
October 2003 Recognizing Psychosis in Persons with Developmental Disabilities Who Are Nonverbal
November 2003 Air Quality and Respiratory Health
December 2003 Safety Issues for Vehicles Adapted for Persons with Disabilities
January 2004 Burn Care and Rehabilitation
February 2004 Exploitation
March 2004 Assessment and Treatment of Elopement: A Replication and Extension
April 2004 Recognition and Management of Wound Infections
May 2004 Asthma and Indoor Air Exposure
June 2004 Violence Against Women with Developmental or Other Disabilities
July 2004 National Study of Childhood Drowning
August 2004 Summit on Obesity
Fall 2004 Heart Disease and Stroke - A Statistical Review




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Summit on Obesity



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