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Other Risk Management Information

Third Annual Risk Assessment and Mitigation Training

Table of Contents

Section 1: Chemical Dependence and Developmental Disabilities


a. Chemical Dependence and Developmental Disabilities - Power Point

b.Chemical Dependence Bibliography

Section 2: Aging and Developmental Disabilities


a. Aging and Developmental Disabilities Content Outline

b. Aging and Developmental Disabilities - Power Point

c. Aging and Developmental Disabilities - Resource List


Section 3: Specific Clinical Risk Factors


spacer a. GI Problems In People With Developmental Disabilities

b. Aspiration Pneumonia

spacer c. Dementia
spacer d. Diabetes Mellitus
spacer e. Epilepsy

f. Osteoporosis


Section 4. Cultural Issues and Developmental Disabilities

a. Cultural Issues


Section 5. Appendices
a. Resources for Increasing Relationship Skills
b. Mortality Review Process
c. Risk Assessment Inventories
d. Biographies of Conference Speakers



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