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Abuse and neglect cannot be tolerated. Know when it's happening, what to do about it, and how to prevent it. 
Assault is when someone tries to hurt you. Learn how to protect yourself and others from harm. 
You can get a burn when your skin touches something hot.  
Make sure you are ready for an emergency or disaster at any time.
Anyone can fall and get hurt. There are things you can do to stay safe from falls. 
A fire can be a danger to you! You can be burned or hurt your lungs by breathing in smoke.  
If food is not handled or cooked in the right way, germs can grow and make you sick. 
Know how to stay safe on the Internet.
We take medication to help us be as healthy as possible, but it can be harmful if we do it wrong.
You may be thinking about spending more time outdoors when it is sunny.  Remebmer the sun can also be dangerous to your health.
Playing in the water is lots of fun, but always remember – water can be dangerous!
There are lots of fun things to do in the winter.  Even though winter is fun, it can also be dangerous to your health.
Staying safe at work is very important. Anyone, even you, can get hurt or get sick on the job. Staying safe is no accident. How to stay...