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Preventing a Fire in Your Home

A smoke detector

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Fire can be very dangerous.

A fire in your home could destroy:

  • Your things
  • Part or all of your home

A fire in your home is a danger to you!

  • You could be burned.
  • You could hurt your lungs by breathing in smoke.
  • A fire could even kill you.

If there is a fire in your home, try to get out quickly!

If you are near a phone, call 9-1-1 for emergency help.

It may not be safe to leave if:

  • The door to the next room feels hot to the touch
  • You smell smoke

Steps you can take to leave a fire safely are in this DDS Safety Net article.

You can plan ahead to protect yourself if a fire starts.

Install smoke alarms in your home and test them monthly to make sure they are still working.

  • A smoke alarm will let you know if a fire has started.

Keep a small fire extinguisher in your kitchen and learn how and when to use it properly.

Plan the best way to leave your home if a fire does start, with help from your family and supports.

Planning ahead can help prevent fires in your home!

If any electric appliance makes a spark or has an unusual smell, turn it off and unplug it right away.

Do not use wires or plugs that look old and worn and never plug too many appliances in the same electrical outlet.

Only burn candles when someone is in the same room to watch them; never leave them alone.

More Fire Prevention Tips

Always stay in the kitchen while you are cooking.

If you have a fireplace, keep a glass or metal screen in front of it.

Keep things that can burn (such as clothing, dishtowels, and newspapers) away from heaters, fireplaces, and stove tops.

If you smoke, do not smoke in the house.

To learn more about preventing fires in your home, check out these links.

  • U.S. Fire Administration
  • Fire Safety
  • Home Safety Council
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