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Drinking Too Much Alcohol

alcohol at a bar

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Drinking too much alcohol can make you sick.

  • If you drink too much alcohol at one time, you might:
    • Throw up
    • Get a headache
    • Get dizzy
    • Fall down
  • If you drink a lot, you might “black out.”
    • When you “black out,” you can’t remember what you did or said.

Drinking too much can also be dangerous. You might:

  • Have an accident:
    • In a car
    • In the water
    • With a gun
    • With fire
  • Get in a fight

Drinking too much all the time can hurt your body.

  • People who drink too much all the time can get:
    • High blood pressure
    • Brain, liver, and heart damage
    • Some kinds of cancer (like liver, mouth, and throat cancer)
  • Some people even die from drinking too much alcohol over a long period of time.

Drinking too much can be a sickness called alcoholism.

  • Some people feel they have to drink alcohol all the time.
  • Some people cannot stop drinking when they start.
  • This is called alcoholism.

If you think you are drinking too much alcohol, tell someone!

  • Talk to someone you trust
    • Your friends
    • Your family
    • People who work with you
  • Or you can talk to:
    • A doctor
    • A nurse
    • A counselor
  • They can help you find a way to stop drinking.

You can stay healthy if you:

  • Figure out how much is safe for you to drink
  • Do not drink more than is safe
  • Ask your friends and people who support you to help you remember what is safe
  • Talk to your doctor about drinking if you have health problems

You should never drink alcohol if you:

  • Have a problem with drinking too much
  • Are younger than age 21
  • Are pregnant or trying to get pregnant
  • Have a health problem that can get worse if you drink
  • Take medicine that will make you sick if you drink

If you drink, you should not drive.

  • Driving a car after drinking alcohol is very dangerous and it is against the law.
  • Drinking and driving can cause accidents that could hurt you and others.
  • Do not get into a car if the driver has been drinking.
  • The more you drink, the more dangerous driving becomes.

You can make your own choices about drinking!

  • If you decide that you do not want to drink, that is okay.
  • If you are with people who are drinking, you can tell them that you do not drink.
  • Do not let other people talk you into drinking if:
  • You do not want to, or
  • If your doctor told you not to drink.

Things to read about drinking too much:

  • Centers for Disease Control
  • American Academy of Family Physicians
  • WebMD
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